Any cyclist knows that you should never leave home without basic essentials like a tube, tyre lever and of course some kind of tools that fit comfortably in a jersey pocket. If you are in the market for a new toolset then this mini ratchet wrench toolset from ResQ Tools might just do the trick.

First of all it’s nice and compact and comes in a little plastic tub with a pop off cap. You can slip the entire thing into a jersey pocket and you won’t even notice it’s there. Or you can take the tools out and they’ll fit nicely into a saddlebag if you are tight on space.


There are 3 models to choose from; 1 with a flat upward facing handle and 2 with side facing handles. Given the relatively low amounts of force you’ll be needing these tools for there’s no noticeable difference in functionality. It’s more a case of personal preference on how you hold the wrench in the palm of your hand and what feels comfortable to you.


We definitely think the ratchet function comes in handy as you’ll often find that when using a traditional multi-tool the Allen key bits can be a bit awkward to use. One of these mini tools even has a neat little bottle opener cut-out feature so you can open that post-ride beer.

We’ll drink to that! Cheers!



ResQ Tools are researched and sourced from top quality manufacturers and available exclusively at Buzzod. With the ResQ Tool range there are no middlemen or flashy marketing campaigns, so we passed on those savings to you in the final price. We think that’s pretty reasonable.

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